Why do I need an event planner?

Many brides today have a very busy career and/or personal life. There are so many details involved in planning a wedding that it can become stressful and hectic. You can save time and frustration by hiring Ashley Winkle Events to guide you from day one or just the “day of”. We know whom to call and what to say to ensure you book the right vendors at the best prices while making certain that no creative detail is overlooked. This service alone can cover the cost of hiring an event planner.

Why do I need an event planner on my Wedding Day?

Your family, friends and bridesmaids all deserve to play a special part in your wedding. In order for them to be able to fully enjoy this special day with you, they shouldn’t need to worry about decorating the table, having the cake arrive on time, or setting out place cards. By hiring an event planner, you can relax, soak in the excitement and not worry about “what’s next.”

What makes Ashley Winkle Events different from other event planners?

We believe our energy, creativity and knowledge of the industry sets us apart from others. Our experience working in the hospitality industry allows us to provide a unique and in-depth knowledge that is intangible. We combine the understanding of traditional event elements with modern-day approaches to produce an elegant celebration. We also work with a variety of talented professionals who may not advertise but are masters of their trade. From graphic designers who can create personalized invitations that match your wedding theme to lighting specialists who shine and talented cake designers; we have great relationships with all these service providers and would love to introduce you to their work.

Why do you charge a flat fee versus a percentage?

You shouldn’t have to pay us more because you ordered a larger cake or bought a designer gown. Ashley Winkle Events charges a flat fee based on the services that you have requested. We do not work on a percentage of your overall wedding budget. You are paying us for our expertise and professional knowledge.

My event location/ hotel already provides a catering manager and onsite coordinator, why do I need another one?

While it is wonderful that the location/ hotel provides a coordinator, usually the hotel’s onsite coordinator only handles the responsibilities related to their specific venue and the service of the food. Often they are not responsible for directing your wedding ceremony/rehearsal or assisting with the day-to-day planning of your event. What we offer is a more personal, detailed understanding of your plans; from vendor selections to producing a timeline for the day. We coordinate not only with the food service but also with all of your other vendors. We make sure that your flowers are in the right place, that the seating cards are set, that your musicians had their sound test, and that every detail has been checked and checked again.

I really enjoy the planning process and have been looking forward to it. I am afraid that a consultant will take over and do everything for me.

Do not be concerned. We are here to offer guidance and ensure your vision is created. With our vast knowledge of the wedding industry and latest trends, as well as our relationships with many different vendors, we can save you a substantial amount of time and stress! On the initial meeting, we can discuss your goals and exactly what you want us to do. We can do as little or as much as you want. Our goal is to help you create the perfect event.